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7750-Rack for Micro Centrifuge Tube


7750-Rack for Micro Centrifuge Tube

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  • Made of Polycarbonate
  • Autoclavable
  • Made for holding twenty four 1.5 ml. micro centrifuge tubes
  • Unique stacking feature prevents movement in any direction
  • Holes are numbered & lettered for easy identification.
PART  No. Quantity PACK Qty.
7750-24 24 Tubes 4
7750-48 48 Tubes 4

Here are the uses of a rack for micro centrifuge tubes in short form:

  1. Organization: Keeps micro centrifuge tubes organized and easily accessible.
  2. Stability: Provides a stable platform to hold tubes upright during experiments.
  3. Identification: Allows for easy labeling and identification of samples.
  4. Storage: Efficiently stores micro centrifuge tubes in a compact space.
  5. Transportation: Facilitates safe transport of multiple tubes within the lab.
  6. Workflow Efficiency: Enhances workflow by keeping tubes in order and within reach.
  7. Incubation Support: Holds tubes during incubation processes.
  8. Sample Processing: Assists in sample processing and pipetting by securing tubes.
  9. Autoclaving: Can often be autoclaved with the tubes for sterilization.
  10. Temperature Regulation: Used in conjunction with thermal blocks or ice for temperature-sensitive experiments.
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