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7800-Utility Sets, 29 GU Organic Chemistry Set


7800-Utility Sets, 29 GU Organic Chemistry Set

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  • This set is ideal for introducing student to the principal techniques of preparative organic chemistry.
  • Although the set is very simple a surprising number of preparations on the 30 g scale can be carried out.
Item No. Components 29BU/M
1 Pear shaped flask 50ml 1
2 Still head 1
3 Liebig condenser 1
4 Screw cap adapter 1
5 Receiver adapter 1


PART  No. Description
7800-29GU Complete set comprising 5 items of Glassware

The “Utility Sets, 29 GU Organic Chemistry Set” can be abbreviated as “US-29GU OChem Set” or simply “OChem Set.” In a laboratory setting, this set is likely used for various applications in organic chemistry, including:

  • Synthesis of organic compounds
  • Chemical reactions and transformations
  • Educational experiments and demonstrations
  • Construction of molecular models
  • Organic chemistry research and analysis
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