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7910-Cryo Vial PP


7910-Cryo Vial PP

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  • Made from Polypropylene.
  • Used for storage of Biological material, human & animal cells at temperature as low as -190°C.
  • These sterilized tubes are provided with white, prominent graduations and a long marking area for sample identification.
  • The cap of these vials is provided with a seal ring inside to make it completely leakproof.
  • The longitudinal grooves in the base give a non-twisting feature to these vials when placed in a cryo rack.
PART  No. Capacity (ml) Pack Qty.
7910-1.0 1.0 ml 1000
7910-1.8 1.8 ml 1000
7910-4.5 4.5 ml 1000

Here are some of the typical uses and features of Cryo Vials made of polypropylene:

  1. Cryogenic Storage: Cryo vials are specifically designed for storage in ultra-low-temperature environments, such as liquid nitrogen (-196°C/-321°F) or deep freezers (-80°C/-112°F). Polypropylene is a material that can withstand these extreme temperatures without becoming brittle or deforming.
  2. Biological Sample Preservation: These vials are used to store biological samples for long-term preservation. Common applications include the storage of cell cultures, tissues, blood, serum, and genetic material.
  3. Secure Sealing: Cryo vials typically come with screw caps or other secure sealing mechanisms to ensure a tight and reliable seal. This prevents the leakage of samples and protects them from contamination.
  4. Graduations and Labeling: Many cryo vials have graduations or labeling areas on the vial itself to allow for easy identification and tracking of samples.
  5. Color-Coding: Some cryo vials come in different colors, which can be used for sample organization and quick visual identification.
  6. Autoclavable: Polypropylene cryo vials are often autoclavable, allowing for sterilization before use.
  7. Durability: Polypropylene is a durable material that resists cracking and breaking, ensuring the integrity of the samples during storage.
  8. Wide Range of Sizes: Cryo vials are available in various sizes to accommodate different sample volumes, from small microliter volumes to larger capacities.
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