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7940-Cryo Box (PC)


7940-Cryo Box (PC)

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  • Made from Polycarbonate making it extra strong and autoclavable
  • Can accommodate Cryo Vials of up to 4.5 ml. capacity and are designed to be used at temperatures ranging from -190°C to +121°C
  • The transparent cover of the box gives a good view of the contents inside and is numbered for better inventory control
PART  No. Type Pack Qty.
7940-50 50 Places for 1 ml. or 1.8 ml. Cryo Vials 4
7940-81 81 Places for 1 ml. or 1.8 ml. Cryo Vials 4
7940-81-A 81 Places for 4.5 ml. Cryo Vials 4
7940-100 100 Places for 1 ml. or 1.8 ml. Cryo Vials 4

Here are some common uses and features of Cryo Boxes (PC):

  1. Cryogenic Storage: Cryo boxes are designed to safely store cryogenic vials or tubes at temperatures as low as liquid nitrogen (-196°C/-321°F) or deep freezers (-80°C/-112°F).
  2. Material Durability: Polycarbonate is a robust and durable material that can withstand the extreme temperatures associated with cryogenic storage without becoming brittle. This ensures the longevity and structural integrity of the cryo box.
  3. Sample Organization: Cryo boxes typically have a grid or compartmentalized structure to organize and store multiple cryogenic vials or tubes. This helps in efficiently using space and locating specific samples.
  4. Visibility: The transparency of polycarbonate allows researchers to easily see the contents of the cryo box without opening it. This is important for quick visual identification of samples.
  5. Secure Closure: Cryo boxes often come with secure closures, such as hinged lids or snap-on lids, to prevent the escape of cold vapors and to secure the samples within the box.
  6. Autoclavable: Polycarbonate cryo boxes are often autoclavable, allowing for sterilization to maintain aseptic conditions in the laboratory.
  7. Color Options: Some cryo boxes come in different colors, allowing for color-coded organization and quick visual differentiation of samples based on specific criteria.
  8. Stackability: Cryo boxes are designed to be stackable, which helps in optimizing storage space in freezers and facilitating efficient use of laboratory space.
  9. Identification: Many cryo boxes have areas for labeling or coding, allowing researchers to mark and identify the samples stored in each compartment.
  10. Transportation: Cryo boxes are suitable for the safe transportation of samples between different locations within the laboratory or between laboratories.
  11. Compatibility with Automation: In some cases, cryo boxes may be designed to work seamlessly with automated systems for sample handling, retrieval, and tracking.
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