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  • Another addition to the range of storage vials is this vial which has internal thread in it.
  • The up fitted with an O-ring screws in to the vial and makes it a leak proof storage vial.
PART  No. Capacity(ml) Pack Qty.
8010-2.0 2.0 500

Here are some common uses and features of storage vials with internal threads:

  1. Secure Seal: The internal threading allows for a secure seal when the cap is screwed onto the vial. This helps prevent leakage and contamination, maintaining the integrity of the stored samples.
  2. Sample Storage: These vials are used for the storage of various types of samples, including biological samples (such as DNA, RNA, proteins, cells), chemicals, reagents, and other laboratory materials.
  3. Cryogenic Storage: Some storage vials with internal threads are designed to withstand cryogenic temperatures, making them suitable for storage in liquid nitrogen or ultra-low temperature freezers. This is important for preserving the viability of certain samples.
  4. Organization: Internal thread vials are often used for systematic organization of samples. They may be designed to accommodate racks or storage systems, facilitating easy identification and retrieval of specific samples.
  5. Sample Transportation: These vials are suitable for transporting samples between different locations within the laboratory or between laboratories. The threaded cap ensures a secure seal during transit.
  6. Autoclavable: Many storage vials with internal threads are autoclavable, allowing for sterilization before use. This is essential in applications where aseptic conditions are required.
  7. Chemical Compatibility: The choice of material for these vials is often made based on chemical compatibility. They may be used for the storage of various chemicals, solvents, and reagents used in laboratory experiments.
  8. Long-Term Storage: Internal thread vials are suitable for long-term storage of samples. The secure seal provided by the threaded cap helps protect samples from environmental factors that could compromise their stability.
  9. Sample Analysis: These vials may be used for preparing samples for analysis, especially when a secure and sealed container is required to prevent contamination during the analytical process.
  10. Biobanking: In biobanking and repository settings, where biological samples are stored for future research, storage vials with internal threads are commonly used to ensure the integrity and traceability of stored specimens.
  11. DNA and RNA Storage: Internal thread vials are often employed for the storage of nucleic acid samples, such as DNA and RNA. The secure seal provided by the internal threading helps protect these sensitive molecules.
  12. Color-Coding: Some storage vials may come with color-coded caps or other features to aid in the visual identification and organization of different types of samples.
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