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8070-Double Distillation Apparatus


8070-Double Distillation Apparatus

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With the support of our skilled professionals we are able to provide our clients with finely engineered products to satisfy the demands and needs of our clients. Made from high grade raw-material and components supplied by our eminent vendors, these products are highly durable and effective. Designed to perfection, these products are in compliance with the defined parameters of the industry.

Product Details:

Usage/Application           DISTILLATION

Shape                                  Round

Material                             Borosilicate Glass

Capacity                             2 LTR

Automation Type             MANUAL


  • High durability
  • High performance
  • Low maintenance
  • Precise design
  • Easy to use

Here are some common uses and applications:

  1. High-Purity Solvent Production: The apparatus is employed to produce high-purity solvents, particularly in laboratories where the removal of impurities is crucial for experiments and analyses.
  2. Water Purification: Double distillation is commonly used to purify water, producing distilled water with high levels of purity. This purified water is often required for laboratory applications, experiments, and analytical procedures.
  3. Chemical Synthesis: In chemical laboratories, the apparatus is utilized to purify solvents or reagents for use in chemical synthesis. The removal of impurities is essential to ensure the accuracy and reproducibility of reactions.
  4. Analysis and Instrument Calibration: Highly purified liquids obtained through double distillation are used in analytical chemistry, where precise measurements and instrument calibration require pure and contaminant-free substances.
  5. Educational Purposes: Double distillation setups are commonly used in educational settings to teach students the principles of distillation, purification, and the importance of obtaining high-purity liquids in laboratory work.
  6. Research and Development: In research and development laboratories, especially those working on sensitive materials or processes, double distillation is employed to ensure the purity of liquids used in experiments.
  7. Pharmaceutical and Biotechnological Applications: Double distillation is applied in pharmaceutical and biotechnological laboratories to produce high-purity solvents and water for use in drug formulation, research, and bioprocessing.
  8. Quality Control: Industries that require purified liquids for quality control purposes, such as the food and beverage industry, may use double distillation to obtain high-purity substances for testing.
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