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8090-Water Distillation


8090-Water Distillation

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  • Water Distillation units consist of main boiler. A built in heater enclosed in Quatrz glass tube.
  • Housing auto Water level adjuster, Bottom outlet for cleaning waste discharge which is fitted with PTFE screw Cap valve and all Glass Distillation Unit, With Quartz Heater Tube, Vertical Type.
  • A coil condenser fitted on top for condensing vapours.
  • The whole unit is mounted on epoxy coated metal box stand & covered with acrylic sheet cover for protection.
  • Power supply unit is in built no extra attachment is required. Housing sturdy & reliable power System require 1 K.W. Power per heater.

Water distillation is often abbreviated as “Dist. Water” or simply “Dist. H2O.” This process involves heating water to its boiling point, collecting the vapor, and then condensing it back into liquid form. The goal is to separate impurities, minerals, and contaminants from the original water source, producing distilled water that is free from many dissolved solids. Distilled water finds applications in laboratories, medical settings, and various industrial processes where high-purity water is essential.

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