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8220-Filter Pump, Borosilicate Glass


8220-Filter Pump, Borosilicate Glass

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  • Filter Pump.
  • Made from chemical resistant borosilicate glass.
  • This apparatus can be used to create a moderate vacuum.
  • when connected to a water supply.

Here are common uses and applications of a borosilicate glass filter pump:

  1. Vacuum Filtration:
    • Applications: Borosilicate glass filter pumps are used for vacuum filtration processes in laboratories. They assist in separating solid particles from liquids by applying a vacuum to draw the liquid through a filter paper or membrane.
  2. Sample Preparation:
    • Applications: In analytical chemistry and research laboratories, filter pumps are used for sample preparation, especially when clear filtrates are needed for subsequent analysis.
  3. Microbiology:
    • Applications: Borosilicate glass filter pumps are utilized in microbiological laboratories for the sterilization of liquids and the filtration of microbial cultures.
  4. HPLC (High-Performance Liquid Chromatography):
    • Applications: Filter pumps can be used in HPLC sample preparation to filter out particulate matter or impurities that might interfere with chromatographic analyses.
  5. Environmental Testing:
    • Applications: Laboratories involved in environmental testing use filter pumps for filtering water samples to analyze pollutants, suspended particles, or microorganisms.
  6. Food and Beverage Analysis:
    • Applications: In quality control laboratories for the food and beverage industry, filter pumps assist in the filtration of samples for analysis, ensuring that the liquid phase is clear and free of particulates.
  7. Pharmaceutical Laboratories:
    • Applications: Pharmaceutical laboratories use filter pumps for various applications, including the clarification of pharmaceutical solutions and the removal of impurities from drug formulations.
  8. DNA/RNA Extraction:
    • Applications: In molecular biology laboratories, filter pumps are used during DNA or RNA extraction processes to separate nucleic acids from other cellular components.
  9. Chemical Synthesis:
    • Applications: Filter pumps are employed in chemical synthesis laboratories for filtering reaction mixtures to isolate desired products or remove by-products.
  10. Waste Water Analysis:
    • Applications: Laboratories analyzing wastewater samples use filter pumps to separate solids from liquid samples before conducting chemical or biological tests.
  11. Particle Size Analysis:
    • Applications: Borosilicate glass filter pumps are used in laboratories performing particle size analysis. They help isolate particles of specific sizes for further characterization.
  12. Educational Laboratories:
    • Applications: Filter pumps are commonly used in educational laboratories to teach students about filtration techniques and the principles of separating solids from liquids.
  13. Air and Gas Sampling:
    • Applications: In environmental monitoring and air quality laboratories, filter pumps are used for the collection of airborne particles in air and gas sampling.
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