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8280-Weighing Scoops


8280-Weighing Scoops

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  • Has open tubular arm
  • Suitable for use when small quantity of dyes or powders are to be weighed
PART  No. Cap. (ml) Pack Qty.
8280-3 3 10
8280-6 6 10
8280-10 10 10

Here are some common uses of weighing scoops:

  1. Analytical Weighing:
    • Applications: Weighing scoops are primarily used for accurately measuring and transferring precise amounts of solid samples to analytical balances. This is crucial in analytical chemistry and quantitative analysis.
  2. Sample Preparation:
    • Applications: Weighing scoops are used during the preparation of samples for analysis, ensuring that the correct amount of a substance is measured before further processing or testing.
  3. Powder Handling:
    • Applications: Weighing scoops are suitable for handling and weighing fine powders and granular materials. They provide a controlled environment for dispensing powders, minimizing the risk of spillage.
  4. Pharmaceutical and Pharmaceutical Research:
    • Applications: Weighing scoops find applications in pharmaceutical laboratories where precise measurements of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) or other powders are critical for drug formulation and research.
  5. Chemical Synthesis:
    • Applications: Weighing scoops are used in chemical laboratories during the synthesis of compounds. Chemists use them to measure precise amounts of reactants before initiating reactions.
  6. Biotechnology and Life Sciences:
    • Applications: Weighing scoops are employed in biotechnology and life sciences research for measuring and transferring powdered substances, reagents, or biomaterials in a controlled and accurate manner.
  7. Food and Beverage Industry:
    • Applications: Weighing scoops are utilized in quality control laboratories in the food and beverage industry to measure ingredients accurately during the production process.
  8. Environmental Analysis:
    • Applications: Weighing scoops are used in environmental laboratories for accurately measuring solid samples for analysis, such as soil samples or particulate matter.
  9. Education and Teaching Laboratories:
    • Applications: Weighing scoops are used in educational laboratories to teach students about the principles of accurate weighing and sample preparation techniques.
  10. Cosmetic Industry:
    • Applications: In the cosmetic industry, weighing scoops are used for precise measurements of cosmetic ingredients during formulation and quality control processes.
  11. Material Testing and Quality Control:
    • Applications: Weighing scoops are employed in material testing laboratories to measure precise amounts of materials for quality control purposes.
  12. Powder Dispensing:
    • Applications: Weighing scoops are used for dispensing controlled amounts of powders into containers, ensuring accuracy in various applications.
  13. Trace Analysis:
    • Applications: Weighing scoops are essential in laboratories conducting trace analysis, where even small amounts of a substance must be accurately measured for sensitive analytical techniques.
  14. Laboratory Experiments and Protocols:
    • Applications: Weighing scoops are integral in following laboratory protocols and conducting experiments where precise measurements are required.
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