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8440-Box, Slide


8440-Box, Slide

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  • Made of Polystryne
  • Are durable, compact & provided utmost portection to 1″ x 3′ slides
  • Heavy walls will not wrap, splinter or crack
  • Boxes are unaffected by humidity and are thoroughly insect proof
PART  No. Quantity Pack Qty.
8440-25 25 Slides 12
8440-50 50 Slides 12
8440-100 100 Slides 6


  1. Organization: Keeps microscope slides systematically arranged for easy identification and retrieval.
  2. Protection: Safeguards slides from breakage, dust, and potential contamination.
  3. Storage: Provides a dedicated and orderly storage space for multiple slides.
  4. Transport: Facilitates the safe transport of slides between locations or laboratories.
  5. Inventory: Helps in managing an inventory of slides for research, education, or diagnostic purposes.
  6. Archiving: Supports long-term archiving of slides for future reference or study.
  7. Lab Efficiency: Contributes to the efficiency of laboratory workflows by ensuring slide availability and orderliness.
  8. Preservation: Aids in preserving the quality and integrity of prepared microscope slides.
  9. Identification: Allows for easy labeling and identification of slides for quick referencing.
  10. Hygiene: Assists in maintaining cleanliness and hygiene by protecting slides from external elements.
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