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8550-Parafilm M Dispenser


8550-Parafilm M Dispenser

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  • Made of Acrylic
  • Used for storing, dispensing and cutting Partition ® M
  • Can hold both 2″ & 4″ rolls, Tapes & labels
  • Can be easily cut through super sharp serrated blades
  • Openable top lid allow easy filling into dispenser
PART  No. Length Pack Qty.
8550-180 180 x 120 x 160 1


  1. Laboratory Sealing: Dispenses Parafilm M for sealing laboratory containers, tubes, and vessels.
  2. Sample Protection: Provides a protective and moisture-resistant barrier for stored samples.
  3. Microbiology: Used in microbiology laboratories for sealing petri dishes and flasks.
  4. Cryopreservation: Applied in cryopreservation to seal containers for the preservation of biological materials at low temperatures.
  5. Hygiene Barrier: Creates a barrier to protect samples from contamination in controlled environments.
  6. Incubation: Used during incubation processes to prevent evaporation and maintain sterile conditions.
  7. Environmental Chambers: Suitable for sealing containers in environmental chambers or controlled humidity environments.
  8. Hermetic Sealing: Facilitates hermetic sealing of containers for gas exchange studies or controlled atmospheres.
  9. Refrigeration: Used for sealing containers during refrigeration to prevent drying and maintain sample integrity.
  10. General Lab Use: Commonly used in various laboratory applications requiring a flexible and sealable covering.
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