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8890-Clamp Condenser 3 Prong


8890-Clamp Condenser 3 Prong

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  • 3 Prong
  • Material Aluminium, Powder Coated
  • To hold upto 125 mm circle
  • MS Rod chrome plated
PART  No. Type Pack Qty.
8890-3P 3 Prong 2

Condenser Clamp, 3 Prong:

  • Condenser Support: Ensures a stable grip on laboratory condensers during experiments.
  • Three-Prong Design: Features three prongs for a balanced and secure hold.
  • Adjustable: Allows for adjustment to accommodate various condenser sizes.
  • Versatile Lab Tool: Widely used in various laboratory setups for holding condenser apparatus.
  • Sturdy Construction: Provides secure and stable support for laboratory equipment.
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