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8980-Spatula, Double, One end Chattaway & one end flat


8980-Spatula, Double, One end Chattaway & one end flat

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  • Material Stainless steel, Grade 202
  • One end Chattaway & one end flat
PART  No. Size (mm) Pack Qty.
8980-155 155 10
8980-210 210 10
8980-250 250 10

A double-ended spatula with one end Chattaway and one end flat is a versatile laboratory tool with the following primary uses:

  1. Chattaway End:
    • Micro-Sampling: Chattaway end allows precise micro-sampling of small quantities of powders or substances.
    • Scraping and Crushing: Useful for scraping and crushing solid materials in laboratory work.
  2. Flat End:
    • Mixing and Stirring: The flat end is ideal for mixing and stirring substances in containers.
    • Sample Transfer: Facilitates the transfer of substances between containers with precision.
  3. Versatile Manipulation:
    • Flexibility: Offers flexibility in handling a variety of substances and tasks in the laboratory.
    • Efficient Workflow: Streamlines workflow by providing dual functionality in a single tool.
  4. Laboratory Applications:
    • General Lab Work: Suitable for a wide range of general laboratory applications.
    • Minimizing Contamination: Helps minimize the risk of cross-contamination between different substances.
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