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9360-Laboratory Thermometer


9360-Laboratory Thermometer

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  • Available in various varieties.
  • Capillary: Alcohol & Mercury
  • Various Types as mentioned below: 
Part No. Type
9360-A 10 to 110ºCx1/1, Red Alcohol
9360-B 10 to 110ºCx1/1, Mercury
9360-C 10 to 110ºCx1/1/2, Mercury
9360-D 10 to 110ºCx1/10, Mercury
9360-E 250ºC / 360ºC, Mercury

Laboratory Thermometer:

  • Precision Measurements: Provides accurate temperature readings for scientific experiments.
  • Chemical Reactions: Used to monitor and control temperatures during chemical experiments.
  • Quality Control: Applied in laboratories for quality control processes requiring precise temperature monitoring.
  • Biological Studies: Utilized in biological and medical laboratories for maintaining specific temperatures.
  • Research and Education: Integral tool in both research and educational settings for temperature-related studies.
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