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9560-Butyrometer, Gerber Type


9560-Butyrometer, Gerber Type

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Usage Guide

  • Butyrometers are used to determine the fat content of dairy samples.
  • The product is treated with concentrated sulphuric acid to disrupt the emulsion.
  • The resulting mixture is centrifuged in the butyrometer and the fat content read directly off the scale.
Part No. Description
9560-A 3gr, Cheese, 40% x 1%
9560-B 5gr, Cream, 70% x 1%
9560-C Semi-Skim Milk, 4% x 0.1%, 10.94ml
9560-D Milk, 8% x 0.1%, 10.94 ml
9560-E Double Qty Skim Milk, 0.5% x 0.02%, 21.88ml
9560-F Double Qty Pipette, Skim Milk, 21.88ml
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