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  • Showing latest boundaries, communications, important towns etc.
  • These are printed in attractive colors on strong offset paper.
  • Printed in four colors on thick paper and laminated with thick polyester film (in Eng. Or Hindi)
Part No. Type Size (cm)
9820-A Indian Political 70 x 100
9820-B World Political 100 x 70
9820-C Asia Political 100 x 70
9820-D Africa Political 70 x 100
9820-E Australia Political 100 x 70
9820-F Europe Political 100 x 70
9820-G North America Political 70 x 100
9820-H South America Political  70 x 100
9820-I Antarctica Political Eng. Only 70 x 100
9820-J Eurasia Political Hindi 100 x 70
9820-K Srilanka Political 70 x 100
9820-L U.S.A. Political 100 x 70
9820-M China Political 100 x 70
9820-N United Kingdom Political 70 x 100

Here are some common uses of political maps:

  1. Geography Education:
    • Political maps are essential tools for teaching and learning geography. They help students understand the spatial distribution of countries and political boundaries.
  2. Navigation and Travel Planning:
    • Travelers use political maps to plan routes, understand border crossings, and get an overview of political divisions when exploring new regions or countries.
  3. News and Media:
    • Political maps are frequently used in news reporting to provide context for international events, conflicts, elections, and geopolitical developments.
  4. Government and Administration:
    • Political maps are critical for government officials, policymakers, and administrators. They assist in planning and decision-making related to administrative divisions, zoning, and resource management.
  5. Demographics and Statistics:
    • Political maps are used to visualize demographic data, economic indicators, and statistical information. They help researchers and policymakers understand regional variations.
  6. Elections and Voting:
    • Political maps are utilized during elections to display electoral districts, voting precincts, and results. They help visualize the political landscape and analyze voting patterns.
  7. International Relations:
    • Political maps are crucial in diplomatic and international relations. They aid in understanding global geopolitics, boundaries, and territorial disputes.
  8. Business and Market Analysis:
    • Companies use political maps for market analysis, site selection, and business planning. They provide insights into political boundaries, market segments, and potential areas for expansion.
  9. Cartography and GIS (Geographic Information Systems):
    • Cartographers and GIS professionals use political maps as a base layer for creating more specialized maps. These maps serve as a foundation for thematic mapping and spatial analysis.
  10. Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Response:
    • Organizations involved in humanitarian aid and disaster response use political maps to plan and coordinate relief efforts. These maps help in identifying affected areas and understanding the political context.
  11. Tourism and Recreation:
    • Travel guides, brochures, and online platforms often use political maps to help tourists navigate destinations, identify landmarks, and plan their trips.
  12. Environmental Studies:
    • Political maps are used in environmental studies to understand the political boundaries of regions affected by environmental issues. They assist in cross-border cooperation for environmental conservation.
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