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  • English Hindi combined.
  • Laminated and fitted with plastic rollers.
Part No. Type Size (cm)
9860-A Phases Of Moon 50 x 75
9860-B Solar & Lunar Eclipse 50 x 75
9860-C Seasons 50 x 75
9860-D Tides 50 x 75
9860-E Sun And Planets 50 x 75
9860-F Water Cycle In Nature 50 x 75
9860-G Directions And How To Find Them 50 x 75
9860-H Conventional Signs 50 x 75
9860-I Earth Is Round 50 x 75
9860-J Physical Features Of Earth 50 x 75
9860-K Day & night 50 x 75
9860-L Earthquake 50 x 75
9860-M Longitude & latitude (Eng. Only) 50 x 75
9860-N Types of clouds 50 x 75
9860-O Hill features, contours & map setting 50 x 75
9860-P Factors that affect climate 50 x 75
9860-Q Weather instruments (Eng. Only) 50 x 75
9860-R Volcano 50 x 75
9860-S Ocean currents 50 x 75
9860-T Sunlight and rainbow (Eng. Only) 50 x 75

The uses of the latest geography charts in short form include:

  1. Data Visualization:
    • Visualize complex geographic data sets to enhance understanding and facilitate analysis.
  2. Spatial Analysis:
    • Support spatial analysis by displaying patterns, relationships, and trends in geographical data.
  3. Climate Change Visualization:
    • Illustrate the impacts of climate change, including temperature variations and sea level rise.
  4. Population Distribution:
    • Show population density and distribution across regions for demographic analysis.
  5. Land Cover and Land Use:
    • Display land cover and land use changes over time for environmental monitoring.
  6. Remote Sensing Data Representation:
    • Present data from satellite imagery and remote sensing technologies for various applications.
  7. Urbanization Patterns:
    • Depict urban growth, infrastructure development, and spatial patterns in urban areas.
  8. Natural Disaster Mapping:
    • Aid in mapping and monitoring areas prone to natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, and wildfires.
  9. Biodiversity Hotspots:
    • Identify and visualize regions with high biodiversity to guide conservation efforts.
  10. Infrastructure Mapping:
    • Map transportation networks, utilities, and other infrastructure for planning and analysis.
  11. Geopolitical Dynamics:
    • Illustrate geopolitical boundaries, conflicts, and diplomatic relations.
  12. Interactive Educational Tools:
    • Serve as interactive tools for educational purposes, engaging students in geography learning.
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