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Silent feature:

  • More than 4000 locations.
  • Time dial at north pole.
  • Unlit position shows physical features.
  • Lit position shows political features.
  • Black color base, smoked semi-meridian.
  • Certified by survey of India.

Its uses include:

  1. Geopolitical Analysis:
    • Visualize political boundaries, countries, and territories on a global scale.
  2. Physical Geography Reference:
    • Illustrate physical features like mountains, rivers, and oceans alongside political divisions.
  3. International Relations:
    • Aid in understanding global political relationships, alliances, and diplomatic interactions.
  4. Resource Distribution:
    • Show the distribution of natural resources in relation to political borders.
  5. Environmental Context:
    • Provide context for political and environmental issues by integrating physical geography.
  6. Educational Tool:
    • Enhance geography education by offering a comprehensive view of both political and physical aspects.
  7. Global Business Planning:
    • Assist businesses in considering both political and physical factors when planning international operations.
  8. Disaster Management:
    • Support disaster response planning by considering both political and physical characteristics.
  9. Tourism Planning:
    • Help in planning global travel by considering political boundaries and physical landscapes.
  10. Cultural and Historical Context:
    • Provide a context for understanding the influence of physical geography on human history and cultures.
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