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Silent features:

  • The globe consists of twenty-four warp threads and nine weft threads, which form a hollow grid sphere.
  • The globe is equipped with a fixed vertical warp plane plate.
  • It is also provided with a rotary warp plane plate and a latitude pointer at the top with adjustment knob.
  • The sphere has a diameter of 30cm and is mounted on a bracket that is at an angle of 66degree 30’ to the plane of the base.

A globe showing longitude and latitude serves several purposes in short form:

  1. Geographical Reference:
    • Provides a quick reference for locating places on Earth using coordinates.
  2. Navigation Aid:
    • Assists in navigation by displaying the grid of longitude and latitude for precise location determination.
  3. Educational Tool:
    • Enhances geography education by visually illustrating the Earth’s coordinates.
  4. Cartographic Standard:
    • Serves as a standard tool for cartographers to create accurate maps and charts.
  5. Global Positioning System (GPS):
    • Supports GPS technology by visually representing the coordinates used for location-based services.
  6. Emergency Response:
    • Aids emergency responders in quickly locating and reaching specific geographic coordinates.
  7. International Time Zones:
    • Facilitates understanding of time zones by depicting the longitudinal divisions on Earth.
  8. Astronomical Observations:
    • Assists astronomers in locating celestial objects by providing Earth coordinates.
  9. Field Research:
    • Supports researchers and scientists in the field by aiding in precise location identification.
  10. GIS (Geographic Information System):
    • Serves as a foundational tool for GIS applications, enabling spatial analysis and mapping.
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