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10090-Land Measuring Chain


10090-Land Measuring Chain

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  • Comes in Two Different Types of Lengths – 30Meter & 20 Meter

A land measuring chain, often known simply as a surveyor’s chain, serves various purposes in short form:

  1. Land Surveying:
    • Measure distances and boundaries accurately during land surveying and mapping activities.
  2. Property Boundary Determination:
    • Establish and demarcate property boundaries for land ownership documentation.
  3. Construction Site Measurement:
    • Measure distances on construction sites for accurate site planning and layout.
  4. Agricultural Land Measurement:
    • Determine the area of agricultural plots for land management and planning.
  5. Real Estate Development:
    • Assist in the assessment of land parcels for real estate development projects.
  6. Land Subdivision:
    • Divide large tracts of land into smaller parcels with precise measurements.
  7. Infrastructure Planning:
    • Provide accurate measurements for the planning and construction of roads, utilities, and infrastructure.
  8. Topographic Mapping:
    • Contribute to the creation of topographic maps by measuring distances on the terrain.
  9. Mining Exploration:
    • Aid in measuring and mapping areas during mineral exploration and mining activities.
  10. Forestry Management:
    • Measure forested areas for sustainable forestry management and conservation planning.
  11. Environmental Impact Assessment:
    • Use accurate measurements for assessing the impact of development projects on the environment.
  12. Emergency Response Planning:
    • Support emergency response planning by providing precise measurements of affected areas.
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