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10110-Rock & Mineral Set


10110-Rock & Mineral Set

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  • We have Huge Collection of Rocks & Minerals Available
  • These are provided in beautiful boxes as per the pictures so that students can explore the Mother Earth.
  • For name & collections sets detail kindly send us mail.

A rock and mineral set, typically used in geology and earth science, serves various purposes in short form:

  1. Geological Education:
    • Enhance understanding of geology and earth science concepts in academic settings.
  2. Mineral Identification:
    • Aid in the identification of minerals based on their physical properties such as color, hardness, and luster.
  3. Rock Classification:
    • Facilitate the classification of rocks into categories like igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic.
  4. Hands-On Learning:
    • Provide students and enthusiasts with hands-on experience in studying geological specimens.
  5. Fieldwork Preparation:
    • Assist geologists and field researchers in preparing for fieldwork by familiarizing them with common rocks and minerals.
  6. Mineralogical Research:
    • Support mineralogical research by providing reference samples for detailed analysis.
  7. Mining Exploration:
    • Aid in the identification of economically valuable minerals during mining exploration.
  8. Museum Displays:
    • Contribute to geological exhibits in museums by showcasing a variety of rocks and minerals.
  9. Environmental Studies:
    • Assist in environmental studies by examining rocks and minerals associated with specific landscapes.
  10. Construction Materials Analysis:
    • Evaluate the suitability of rocks and minerals for construction purposes based on their properties.
  11. Artistic and Decorative Uses:
    • Serve as decorative items or artistic inspirations in various settings.
  12. Hobbyist Collections:
    • Cater to rock and mineral enthusiasts who collect specimens for personal interest or hobby.
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