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10120-SIEVE SHAKER Gyratory Motion


10120-SIEVE SHAKER Gyratory Motion

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  • SIEVE SHAKER (GYRATORY TYPE) driven by a 0.25 H.P. motor, 220 volt A.C. through a reduction gear and is suitable to carry upto 7 sieves of  12” or 8″ dia.
  • When clamped the sieve table does not rotate but is inclined from the vertical axis and the direction of inclination changes progressively in the clockwise direction.
  • In addition to the gyratory motion of the shaker there is an upward and downward movement at a frequency of 270 r.p.m.
  • The whole mechanism runs in oil bath and the table can be unclamped to give an additional rotary motion.
  • Analog Timer 0-60mins is inbuilt in the shaker.

A sieve shaker with gyratory motion serves various purposes in short form:

  1. Particle Size Analysis:
    • Determine the particle size distribution of granular materials for quality control and research.
  2. Quality Assurance in Construction:
    • Ensure the uniformity of construction materials like aggregates through particle size testing.
  3. Soil Analysis:
    • Analyze soil samples to understand their composition and classify them based on particle size.
  4. Pharmaceutical Granule Sizing:
    • Assess the particle size of pharmaceutical granules for quality control in drug manufacturing.
  5. Food Industry Quality Control:
    • Monitor and maintain the consistency of particle size in food processing for quality assurance.
  6. Chemical Processing:
    • Optimize chemical processes by analyzing and controlling the particle size of powders and granules.
  7. Mining and Minerals:
    • Evaluate the particle size distribution of minerals and ores for efficient processing.
  8. Environmental Testing:
    • Determine the particle size distribution in environmental samples to study sedimentation patterns.
  9. Research and Development:
    • Aid in various research applications where particle size analysis is crucial for experimentation.
  10. Powder Characterization:
    • Characterize powders used in industries like cosmetics, ceramics, and powder metallurgy.
  11. Pharmaceutical Formulation:
    • Support pharmaceutical formulation by ensuring the appropriate particle size of active ingredients.
  12. Cement Industry:
    • Monitor and control the particle size of cement materials for quality in the construction industry.
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