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  • Real life model.
  • Detachable joints.
  • Durable parts.
  • ABS Stand.
  • Size :46cm (18”)

A mini skeleton model, typically made of materials like plastic or resin, serves educational and illustrative purposes. Here’s a brief overview of its uses:

  1. Compact Learning: Ideal for compact learning environments, offering a scaled-down representation of the human skeleton for easy study.
  2. Classroom Education: Used in classrooms for introductory anatomy lessons, providing a hands-on approach to learning skeletal structures.
  3. Demonstrations: Facilitates demonstrations by educators to explain basic skeletal anatomy to students in a visually accessible manner.
  4. Patient Education: Healthcare practitioners use mini skeleton models to explain skeletal conditions and procedures to patients in a simplified format.
  5. Portable Learning: Due to its small size, the mini skeleton model is portable, making it convenient for educational purposes in various settings.
  6. Articulation Practice: Allows students and professionals to practice identifying and articulating major bones in a more manageable and interactive way.
  7. Home Study: Useful for personal study at home, providing individuals with a compact yet informative tool for learning basic skeletal anatomy.
  8. Educational Displays: Used in educational displays at museums, health fairs, and other public events to showcase skeletal anatomy.
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