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10460-Bed Pan


10460-Bed Pan

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  • Regular Male Stainless Steel Bedpan
  • HIGH quality design for use of men comfortable to use.
  • High quality steel which makes durability

Bed pans are essential medical devices used for specific purposes in healthcare settings. Here’s a concise overview of their uses:

  1. Collection of Waste: Bed pans are primarily used to collect bodily waste, including urine and feces, from patients who are unable to use a regular toilet.
  2. Immobility: They are particularly useful for patients with limited mobility or those confined to bed, providing a convenient and hygienic solution for toileting needs.
  3. Post-Surgery or Illness: Bed pans are often employed post-surgery or during periods of illness when patients may have difficulty moving to a bathroom.
  4. Bedridden or Weak Patients: Patients who are too weak to walk or stand may benefit from the use of bed pans, ensuring they can maintain basic hygiene without putting undue strain on their bodies.
  5. Incontinence Management: Bed pans are also used for managing incontinence in patients who may have difficulty controlling their bladder or bowel movements.
  6. Elderly Care: In elderly care settings, bed pans can be crucial for individuals who have mobility issues or are bedridden due to age-related conditions.
  7. Hygiene Maintenance: Proper use of bed pans helps maintain hygiene and prevents the spread of infections in healthcare facilities.
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