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13000-Bedside Screen


13000-Bedside Screen

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We provide best quality Bedside Screen Four Fold to our valued customers at reasonable prices.

Its uses can be summarized as follows:

Patient Privacy:

  • Provides a barrier to enhance patient privacy in shared hospital or healthcare rooms.

Infection Control:

  • Helps prevent the spread of infections by creating a physical barrier between patients.

Ward Organization:

  • Supports the organization of hospital wards by dividing open spaces into individualized areas.

Medical Examinations:

  • Creates a designated space for medical examinations or procedures within a shared room.

Rest and Recovery:

  • Offers patients a sense of personal space for rest and recovery during hospital stays.

Visual Distraction:

  • Reduces visual distractions for patients, promoting a more peaceful and comfortable environment.

Temporary Enclosure:

  • Functions as a temporary enclosure for various medical activities or consultations at the bedside.

Flexible Room Configuration:

  • Enables healthcare providers to configure and adapt room layouts based on patient needs.

Dignity and Comfort:

  • Enhances the dignity and comfort of patients by providing a degree of separation in shared spaces.

Mental Health Support:

  • Contributes to the mental well-being of patients by creating a semi-private area for personal space.
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