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11050-Hot Air Oven


11050-Hot Air Oven

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  • Double walled inner made of 316L stainless – steel mirror finish and exterior made of 304 S.S. matt finishes
  • High quality wool insulation between the walls to minimize heat – loss
  • Selection of controller – solid state  DIGITAL or microprocessor based PID with centric port or without centric port
  • A full insulation door with silicone gasket for perfect sealing, having key lock handle
  • Air circulation performed by motorized blower firmly installed at bottom of the unit
  • Removable shelves made of S.S 316 wire mesh
  • Temp.accuracy: 0.5 C

Technical Specifications:

Part No. Inner size (WXDXHT) Capacity (CFT:LTRS) Watts
11050-A 14”X14”X14” 1.6      :    45 1000
11050-B 18”X18”X18” 3.4      :    96 1500
11050-C 18”X18”X24” 4.5      :   128 2000
11050-D 24”X24”X24” 8         :   228 2500
11050-E 24”X18”X36” 9         :   256 2500
11050-F 24”X24”X36” 12       :   342 3000
11050-G 28”X28”X40” 18       :   515 3500

A Hot Air Oven is a versatile piece of equipment used for various heating and drying applications. Here’s a brief overview of its uses:

  1. Sterilization: Employed for sterilizing laboratory equipment, glassware, and media using hot air convection.
  2. Drying Applications: Used for drying materials or samples in laboratories or industrial settings with controlled temperature conditions.
  3. Heat Treatment: Applied in heat treatment processes for materials, ensuring uniform and precise temperature control.
  4. Baking and Cooking: Utilized in industries for baking and cooking processes where even heating is essential.
  5. Medical and Pharmaceutical: Found in medical and pharmaceutical laboratories for sterilizing and drying instruments, glassware, and media.
  6. Research and Testing: Widely used in scientific research, quality control, and testing laboratories for various applications.
  7. Food Processing: Commonly used in the food industry for drying and baking applications, contributing to food processing.
  8. Temperature Sensitive Materials: Suitable for heat-sensitive materials that require gentle and controlled heating.
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