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11070-Round Vacuum Oven


11070-Round Vacuum Oven

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Product Details:

Display Digital
Air-Flow Direction Vertical Down Airflow
Wall Type DOUBLE
Ambent Temperature 250
No. Of Shelves 2


  • Most dependable and economical budgeted priced
  • Chamber made of heavy gauge stainless steel year of corrosion resistant
  • Exterior of M.S/GI sheet finish in epoxy powder coated shade
  • Heat treated glass window leaves clear content view
  • Silicone gasket and positive door latch assure tight seal at all vacuum levels
  • Choice of temp.  controller from solid state digital temp. controller or microprocessor based PID controller
  • Two needle valves – one for vacuum and the other for flushing or inlet
  • Maximum vacuum up to 30” hg

Technical Specifications:

Part No. Size Temp. Controller Temp. Range Watts
11070-A 9”Dia x12” Depth Digital 50c to 200c 700
11070-B 12” Dia x 15”Depth Digital 50c to 200c 950
11070-C 15” Dia x18” Depth Digital 50c to 200c 1100
11070-D 9” Dia x 12” Depth Microprocessor based PID  controller 50c to 200c 700
11070-E 12” Dia x 15” depth Microprocessor based PID controller 50c to 200c 950
11070-F 15” Dia x 18” Depth Microprocessor based PID controller 50c to 200c 1100

A Round Vacuum Oven is a specialized equipment with applications in various industries. Here’s a brief overview of its uses:

  1. Vacuum Drying: Used for drying heat-sensitive materials under reduced pressure, preventing thermal degradation.
  2. Solvent Removal: Applied for efficient removal of solvents from materials through vacuum-assisted drying processes.
  3. Pharmaceutical Processing: Commonly used in pharmaceutical industries for drying and processing temperature-sensitive substances.
  4. Laboratory Research: Widely employed in laboratories for experiments and processes requiring controlled vacuum conditions.
  5. Precision Temperature Control: Equipped with precise temperature controls for accurate and reproducible drying conditions.
  6. Chemical and Biotech Applications: Used in chemical and biotechnological processes involving controlled drying and solvent removal.
  7. Material Processing: Applied for various materials processing applications, including curing, degassing, and resin infusion.
  8. Industrial Production: Found in industrial settings for production processes requiring vacuum-assisted drying or heat treatment.
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