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11040-Rubber Ageing Oven


11040-Rubber Ageing Oven

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  • Ageing Oven (Rubber)
  • Most suitable for ageing test of PVC and rubber
  • Solid aluminum heating block (circular) to accommodate cylinder cells
  • The aluminum cell has a center hole at the bottom which allows to enter pre – heated air from a small diaphragm pump the air change per hour are same through all the cells
  • The temperature is being controlled by microprocessor based electronic temp. controller with digital indicator
  • The system incorporate with digital timer of 99 hours
  • Available with 7 or 19 cells as per BS specification

A Rubber Ageing Oven, often referred to as a “Rubber Aging Oven,” serves specific purposes in the rubber industry. Here’s a brief overview of its uses:

  1. Accelerated Ageing: Utilized for simulating accelerated ageing conditions on rubber samples to assess their durability and performance over time.
  2. Quality Control: Integral in quality control processes to evaluate the effects of heat, oxygen, and other environmental factors on rubber materials.
  3. Material Testing: Used for testing rubber samples under controlled temperature and environmental conditions, providing insights into long-term performance.
  4. Research and Development: Commonly employed in R&D activities to study the ageing characteristics of different rubber formulations and compositions.
  5. ASTM Testing: Complies with ASTM standards for rubber testing, facilitating standardized procedures for accelerated ageing assessments.
  6. Temperature and Humidity Control: Equipped with controls for maintaining precise temperature and humidity conditions during the ageing process.
  7. Product Certification: Supports product certification processes by assessing the ageing resistance of rubber materials to meet industry standards.
  8. Predictive Maintenance: Used to predict the service life and performance of rubber components in applications where aging is a critical factor.
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