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11110-Hot Air Circulating Oven


11110-Hot Air Circulating Oven

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Product Details:

Display Analog, Digital
Type Cabinet Ovens
Air-Flow Direction Vertical Down Airflow
Max Temperature 250
Max Temperature (Degree Celsius) 100-200, 200-300
Capacity 100-500 Kg
Material SS 304

Temperature:All units provide temperature range 5 DegreeC above ambient to 250 DegreeC with accuracy of +-2 DegreeC.Temperature is controlled with mechanical temperature control (rotary knob) or by digitalcontrol (PID controller). For uniform rotation of heat inside the chamber noise-less fan is usedfor air circulation.Construction:Each hot air oven is produced with double walled construction and made of 304 grades stainlesssteel with insulation of mineral wool for efficient thermal loss. In economical models, exteriorchamber is made of powder coated MS, while 304 stainless steel is used as an option. Innerchamber is completely made of stainless steel, which is easy to clean and maintain. Shelves aremade of painted steel and can be easily adjusted inside the chamber with ribs created inside theinterior chamber walls.Doors:Doors are double walled, made of MS steel (stainless steel optional) and also fully insulated withmineral wool, fitted on heavy hinges. Sturdy handle provides comfortable opening and closing.Doors open 180 Degree in order to provide enough access to the heating chamber.Heating Elements:For efficient heating, our hot air ovens are fitted with branded heating elements, nickel / chromeplated nichrome wire, kept inside the beads and placed at the bottom and both sides of thechamber.Ventilation:For safe removal of hot gases and fumes air ventilators are provided near the top of the bothsides.Safety Features:For safe operation of the unit, several safety instruments are fitted; automatic circuit breakerturns off the unit in case of over temperature and other short circuits. Audio and visual alarmscan be fitted as option, alert the user if temperature goes beyond the selection.

A Hot Air Circulating Oven is specialized equipment with specific applications. Here’s a brief overview of its uses:

  1. Uniform Heating: Utilized for providing even and uniform heating of samples or materials through the circulation of hot air.
  2. Drying Applications: Applied for drying various substances, ensuring consistent and controlled drying conditions.
  3. Baking and Cooking: Found in industrial and laboratory settings for baking and cooking processes requiring precise temperature control.
  4. Sterilization: Used for sterilizing laboratory equipment, glassware, and other items through hot air convection.
  5. Research and Testing: Widely employed in scientific research, quality control, and testing laboratories for diverse applications.
  6. Materials Processing: Applied in industrial settings for processes such as heat treatment, curing, and drying of materials.
  7. Temperature-Sensitive Materials: Suitable for handling temperature-sensitive materials that require gentle and controlled heating.
  8. Laboratory Applications: Integral in laboratories for experiments and processes requiring controlled temperature conditions.
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