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11360-Shaker Water Bath


11360-Shaker Water Bath

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Product Details:

Usage/Application LABORATORY
Material Stainless Steel
Shape Rectangular
Temperature Range Ambient to 99 Degree Celcuis


  • Ideal for tissue metabolism and enzyme studies requiring reciprocal shaking under controlled temperature condition
  • An insulated bath chamber having inner 304 stainless steel and exterior of G.I/M.S epoxy power
  • Coating finish in regular model
  • Solid state control circuits for temperature and digital readout
  • Speed of stroke adjustable from 50 RPM to 200 RPM by speed controller
  • Digital timer of 24hrs with alarm included in panel
  • Inner chamber 316L and exterior 304 S.S matt finish in GMP model
  • All models are with digital temp. Controller and selection for microprocessor controller
  • Cooling shaking bath includes hermetically sealed compressor, condenser, fan motor eyc, for temperature down upto 0 C
  • Stainless steel shaking platform having perforation and suitable for Erlenmeyer flask or test tubes
  • Gable cover to prevent splash at higher speed

A Shaker Water Bath is commonly used for:

  1. Cell Cultures: Providing a controlled environment for cell culture growth.
  2. Biological Shaking: Assisting in the agitation of biological samples.
  3. Mixing and Dissolving: Supporting the mixing and dissolution of substances.
  4. Hybridization Procedures: Facilitating hybridization reactions in molecular biology.
  5. Protein Denaturation: Assisting in protein denaturation processes.
  6. Staining and Destaining: Supporting procedures involving staining and destaining.
  7. Microbial Cultures: Creating optimal conditions for the growth of microbial cultures.
  8. Enzymatic Reactions: Maintaining controlled conditions for enzymatic reactions.
  9. Incubation: Used for incubating samples at specific temperatures.
  10. Laboratory Experiments: Applied in various scientific experiments requiring agitation and temperature control.
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