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11390-Constant Temperature Bath


11390-Constant Temperature Bath

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  • Designed for immersion requirement and external circulation to maintain constant temperature in spectrophotometer, refractors meter, lasers and jacketed glassware
  • Heavy Gauge 304 type stainless steel interior G.I finished in epoxy powder coated shade
  • Selection of controller solid state proportional controller or microprocessor auto tuning controller
  • Both side toughened glass window for clear observation while immersion test
  • External pump having head 5 feet and pump output 6 ltrs per minute
  • Cooling model consist hermetical sealed compressor fan motor condenser for below ambient temperature

A Constant Temperature Bath is commonly used for:

  1. Temperature Calibration: Providing a stable temperature for calibration purposes.
  2. Viscosity Testing: Supporting viscosity measurements at a constant temperature.
  3. Heating Solutions: Maintaining a steady temperature for various lab applications.
  4. Sample Incubation: Creating a controlled environment for sample incubation.
  5. Chemical Reactions: Assisting in reactions that require a constant temperature.
  6. Thermal Analysis: Conducting experiments to study thermal properties of materials.
  7. Quality Control: Ensuring consistent temperature conditions for testing and analysis.
  8. Calorimetry: Supporting experiments involving the measurement of heat changes.
  9. Standardization Procedures: Used in standardization processes requiring a constant temperature.
  10. Material Testing: Providing a controlled temperature for testing materials under specific conditions.
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