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11410-Single Walled Oil Bath


11410-Single Walled Oil Bath

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  • Most useful to use with magnetic stirrer
  • Single walled made of heavy gauge fully welded
  • Specially designed oil heaters – easy replaceable
  • Selection of controller – separate or attached
  • Solid – state electronic DIGITAL temperature control – box & PT – 100 as a sensor
  • Range: 50c to 250c
  • Accuracy :±1c

Technical Specifications:

Part No. Capacity Rating
11410-A 500 ML 500 watts
11410-B 1000 ML 750 watts
11410-C 2000 ML 1.0 K.W.
11410-D 3000 ML 1.0 K.W.
11410-E 5000 ML 1.5 K.W.
11410-F 10000 ML 2.5 K.W.

A Single-Walled Oil Bath is commonly used for:

  1. Heating Solutions: Providing a uniform and controlled heating environment.
  2. Chemical Reactions: Supporting reactions that require a stable temperature.
  3. Temperature Calibration: Ensuring precise temperature conditions for calibration.
  4. Sample Incubation: Creating a consistent environment for sample incubation.
  5. Material Testing: Used in various tests requiring controlled heating.
  6. Quality Control: Ensuring consistent temperature for testing and analysis.
  7. Laboratory Experiments: Supporting a range of experiments with stable heating.
  8. Synthesis Processes: Used in chemical synthesis requiring controlled temperature.
  9. Drying Operations: Assisting in drying processes under controlled conditions.
  10. General Lab Heating: Widely employed for heating applications in laboratories.
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