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11430-Calibration Bath


11430-Calibration Bath

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  • Most useful for calibration of sensors
  • Selection of model for high temperature and low temperature test
  • Fully stainless steel construction
  • Quick temperature achievement with high uniformity & accuracy
  • Various lid for different size of probes
  • With microprocessor based PID temperature controller

Technical Specifications:

Part No. Inner Size Heating/Cooling Model Probe/Sensor Wells Temp. Range Air/Liquid Bath
11430-A 4” Dia x 14 Depth Heating 3 Nos 50 c to 600 c Air
11430-B 4” Dia x 14” Depth Heating 3 Nos 100 c to 1200 c Air
11430-C 7” Dia x 14 Depth Cooling 6 Nos -20c to +20c Air
11430-D 7”Dia x 14” Depth Cooling 6 Nos -50c to+10c Air
11430-E 10”x10”x12” Depth Heating/Cooling 6 Nos -20c to +100c Liquid
11430-F 10”x10”x12” Depth Heating/Cooling 6 Nos -60c to +100c Liquid

A Calibration Bath is commonly used for:

  1. Instrument Calibration: Providing a stable and controlled temperature for calibrating various instruments.
  2. Temperature Accuracy Verification: Ensuring the accuracy of temperature-sensitive devices and sensors.
  3. Quality Assurance: Verifying and maintaining the precision of measurement equipment.
  4. Thermal Testing: Conducting tests to assess the thermal performance of instruments.
  5. Calibration Standards: Establishing reference points for accurate measurements.
  6. Metrology Laboratories: Used in metrology labs for precise calibration procedures.
  7. Research and Development: Supporting R&D activities that require accurate temperature calibration.
  8. Industrial Metrology: Employed in industries to calibrate temperature-sensitive equipment.
  9. Testing and Certification: Ensuring instruments meet specified standards through calibration.
  10. Traceability: Establishing a traceable reference for temperature measurement instruments.
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