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11460-Electric Water Bath


11460-Electric Water Bath

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  • Made of thick gauge stainless – steel walled  
  • Long lasting kettle element
  • With constant water-level device
  • Usable with round bottom  flask – 50 ml to 500 ml capacity
  • Selection of regular & high precision model
  • High precision model designed with seamless heavy gauge 316LSS. And round edge smooth Corners.
  • The lid is having 6 or 12  holes with concentric rings
  • Useful for boiling and general purpose works
  • Operates on 230 volts

Technical Specifications:


Part No.









11460-A Regular 10”lx14”wx4”deep 6 holes of 3” dia 1.0 k.w.
11460-B Regular 16”lx12”wx4”deep 12 holes of3” dia 1.5 k.w.
11460-C High precision 10”lx14”wx4”deep 6 holes of 3” dia 1.0 k.w.
11460-D High precision 16”lx12”wx4”deep 12 holes of 3” dia 1.5 k.w.

An Electric Water Bath is commonly used for:

  1. Temperature Control: Providing a regulated and constant temperature environment.
  2. Sample Incubation: Supporting controlled incubation of samples.
  3. Heat-Related Experiments: Facilitating experiments that require precise heating.
  4. Chemical Reactions: Assisting in reactions that demand consistent temperature conditions.
  5. Quality Control: Maintaining stable temperature conditions for testing and analysis.
  6. Laboratory Applications: Utilized in various scientific experiments and procedures.
  7. Educational Labs: Widely used in educational institutions for teaching purposes.
  8. Medical and Clinical Uses: Employed for warming solutions and samples in healthcare.
  9. Histology Procedures: Supporting tissue processing in histological studies.
  10. Material Testing: Used for tests requiring specific and controlled heating conditions.
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