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11470-Cryostat Bath


11470-Cryostat Bath

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  • Cryostat (Low Temperature Bath)
  • The bath has been designed with highly advance and revolutionary cooling system to operate wide range from -70 c to +50 c to meet a various needs of any modern lab
  • Buff finished 304 type stainless steel chamber and top and exterior of G.I./M.S finished in epoxy powder coated shade
  • Minimize heat exchange by extremely efficient PUF insulation
  • Selection of controller solid state time proportional or microprocessor auto tuning controller with digital read out
  • The pump assembly on desk for internal as well external circulation

A Cryostat Bath is commonly used for:

  1. Cryogenic Cooling: Providing controlled low temperatures for various applications.
  2. Tissue Sectioning: Supporting the preparation of thin tissue sections for microscopy.
  3. Material Embrittlement: Facilitating experiments requiring materials to be cooled to low temperatures.
  4. Cryopreservation: Preserving biological samples at extremely low temperatures.
  5. Laboratory Research: Utilized in research activities involving cryogenic conditions.
  6. Histology Procedures: Assisting in the cutting of frozen tissue samples for analysis.
  7. Quality Control: Ensuring precise and consistent low-temperature conditions.
  8. Medical Diagnostics: Used in laboratories for diagnostic procedures involving low temperatures.
  9. Cryogenic Experiments: Supporting experiments exploring phenomena at extremely low temperatures.
  10. Biomedical Research: Employed in studies related to the effects of low temperatures on biological materials.
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