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11090-Vacuum Oven


11090-Vacuum Oven

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We offer Vacuum oven that  have gained wide acceptance for its remarkable performance in various hi-tech laboratories, research & development centers, industrial houses, medical centers, hospitals, educational institutes, central & state government departments. It has Hi-tech Vacuum oven-double walled, inside cylinder is made of thick stainless steel 304 Qty. It has outside-MS sheet per-greased, pre treated for rust proofing and powder coated. It has high grade mineral glass wool insulation the walls to avoid energy loss. Temperature range from 5C above room temp. To 150 C with plus minus 2 C accuracy. It has precise vacuum control to 28 (70.2 cm) Hg displayed on analog gauge.

A Vacuum Oven is a specialized equipment with diverse applications. Here’s a brief overview of its uses:

  1. Vacuum Drying: Efficiently dries heat-sensitive materials under reduced pressure to prevent thermal degradation.
  2. Solvent Removal: Precisely removes solvents from substances through vacuum-assisted drying processes.
  3. Pharmaceutical Processing: Widely used in pharmaceutical industries for drying and processing temperature-sensitive compounds.
  4. Laboratory Research: Applied in laboratories for experiments and processes requiring controlled vacuum conditions.
  5. Precision Temperature Control: Equipped with accurate temperature controls for consistent and reproducible drying conditions.
  6. Chemical and Biotech Applications: Found in chemical and biotechnological processes involving controlled drying and solvent removal.
  7. Material Processing: Used for various materials processing tasks, including curing, degassing, and resin infusion.
  8. Industrial Production: Employed in industrial settings for production processes that benefit from vacuum-assisted drying or heat treatment.
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