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11560-Double Walled Incubator


11560-Double Walled Incubator

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  • Double Walled Incubator C GMP Series
  • Double walled in construction with inner made of 316L mirror finish & exterior made of 304 S.S matt finish
  • High grade wool/PUFF insulation between the wall to minimize the heat exchange
  • Choice to select solid state DIGITAL temp. Controller or microprocessor based PID temp. Controller with centronic port for printer output or without centronic port
  • Air circulation being performed by motorized blower firmly install at the bottom of the unit
  • A full lengthen glass door made with S.S frame provided for observation of test
  • Removable S.S 316 wire mesh shelves provided
  • Double walled insulation door fitted on S.S hinges
  • Range: above ambient to 70c
  • accuracy: ±0.2c

Technical Specifications:

Part NO. Inner Size (WXDXHT) Capacity (CFT : LTRS) Watts
11560-A 14”X14”X14” 1.6 : 45 125
11560-B 18”X18”X18” 3.4 : 96 150
11560-C 18”X18”X24” 4.5 : 128 175
11560-D 24”X24”X24” 8 : 228 200
11560-E 24”X18”X36” 9 : 256 250
11560-F 24”X24”X36” 12 : 342 300
11560-G 28”X28”X40” 18 : 515 400

A Double-Walled Incubator is commonly used for:

  1. Precise Temperature Control: Maintaining accurate and stable temperature conditions.
  2. Microbial Cultivation: Supporting the growth of microorganisms under controlled settings.
  3. Cell Culture: Providing an environment for the cultivation of cells for research.
  4. Tissue Culture: Facilitating the growth and maintenance of tissue cultures.
  5. Biotechnological Experiments: Used in various experiments within the field of biotechnology.
  6. Bacterial Culture Maintenance: Preserving and incubating bacterial cultures.
  7. Research and Development: Utilized in scientific research for controlled experimental conditions.
  8. Quality Control: Ensuring consistent conditions for testing and analysis.
  9. Clinical and Medical Labs: Employed for various laboratory procedures in healthcare.
  10. Seed Germination: Creating controlled conditions for studying seed germination.
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