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11710-Multi Magnetic Stirrer with Hot Plate


11710-Multi Magnetic Stirrer with Hot Plate

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  • Unit with maintenance free motor and improved magnetic fields that keep stir bars moving even in high viscosity fluids.
  • For stirring and heating up to four/six 500 ml vessels simultaneously
  • Provides variable speed stirring up to 1200 RPM and temperature up to 200 c easy re-set for re-setting the PTFE stirring bit in case of slip without disturbing the speed control knob
  • Pilot light illuminates when unit is heating
  • Selection of common hot plate model OR individual hot plate

Technical Specifications:

Part NO. Model Stage Speed RPM Temp. Controller Choice Of Hot Plate
11710-A 4 plate (2×2) 1200 Common temp. Controller Single plate
11710-B 6 plate (2×3) 1200 Common temp. Controller Single plate
11710-C 4 plate (2×2) 1200 Individual temp. Controller 4 plate
11710-D 6 plate (2×3) 1200 Individual temp. controller 6 plate

A Multi Magnetic Stirrer with Hot Plate is commonly used for:

  1. Simultaneous Heating and Stirring: Providing a combined heating and stirring platform.
  2. Chemical Reactions: Supporting various chemical reactions and syntheses.
  3. Sample Mixing: Facilitating the mixing of liquids or solutions using magnetic stir bars.
  4. Temperature-sensitive Procedures: Ideal for processes requiring precise temperature control.
  5. Quality Control: Ensuring consistent temperature and mixing conditions for testing.
  6. Laboratory Experiments: Utilized in a wide range of scientific experiments and procedures.
  7. Educational Labs: Widely employed in educational institutions for teaching purposes.
  8. Material Dissolution: Assisting in the dissolution of materials in liquid solutions.
  9. Efficient and Safe Stirring: Providing a safer alternative to manual stirring.
  10. Multi-sample Handling: Suitable for handling multiple samples simultaneously.
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