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11720-Eddys Hot Plate


11720-Eddys Hot Plate

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  • Eddy’s Hot Plate is used for determining analgesic effect of morphine in case of mice.
  • Consisting of heating surface with perpex enclosure with micro-controller based digital temperature indicator controller to set surface temp. Between 30° C to80° C.

Eddy’s Hot Plate is commonly used for:

  1. Analgesic Testing: Assessing the analgesic (pain-relieving) effect of substances, like morphine.
  2. Mouse Studies: Specifically designed for experiments involving mice.
  3. Hot Plate Test: Conducting the hot plate test to evaluate pain response in mice.
  4. Pain Sensitivity: Measuring the sensitivity to thermal stimuli in laboratory mice.
  5. Pharmacological Research: Used in pharmacological studies related to pain management.
  6. Behavioral Experiments: Supporting behavioral assessments in rodent models.
  7. Neuroscience Research: Applied in studies related to neurobiology and pain perception.
  8. Drug Efficacy Testing: Evaluating the effectiveness of analgesic drugs in a controlled setting.
  9. Preclinical Research: Utilized in preclinical stages of drug development.
  10. Temperature-controlled Platform: Providing a regulated surface for consistent experimental conditions.


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