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11820-Vacuum Dryers Chamber


11820-Vacuum Dryers Chamber

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  • Vacuum Dryers Large Chamber suitable for applications involving backing drying, curing aging, vacuum embedding plating and moisture determination utilizing a nitrogen atmosphere
  • Stainless steel 304 inner chamber and exterior of mild steel finished in epoxy powder coated shade in regular Model
  • Inner made of 316L and exterior 304 S.S matt finishes in GMP model
  • Electronic digital single set point controller provided precise temperature control
  • The door has tampered safety glass viewing window
  • All 5 sides radiant warm wall heating elements for better temperature uniformity
  • Positive locking door latch and heavy hinges ensures a tight seal to all vacuum levels
  • Vacuum levels are controlled between 2 and nearly 30 inches HG large analogue and easy to read vacuum gauge

A Vacuum Dryer Chamber is commonly used for:

  1. Low-Pressure Drying: Drying materials under reduced pressure conditions.
  2. Heat-Sensitive Materials: Suitable for materials sensitive to high temperatures.
  3. Solvent Removal: Efficiently removing solvents from samples under vacuum.
  4. Pharmaceutical Drying: Used in pharmaceutical manufacturing for drying sensitive products.
  5. Laboratory Experiments: Utilized in scientific research for controlled drying.
  6. Chemical Processing: Supporting various chemical processes requiring vacuum drying.
  7. Product Dehydration: Removing moisture from products in a controlled environment.
  8. Quality Control: Ensuring consistent conditions for testing and analysis.
  9. Material Testing: Studying the drying characteristics of different materials.
  10. Research and Development: Applied in R&D activities for process development and optimization.
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