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11910-Rotary Shaking Machine


11910-Rotary Shaking Machine

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Our expertise lies in manufacturing and designing best-in-class Rotary Shaking Machine. We develop these machines while taking into consideration prevailing markets demands and industry laid parameters. Manufactured using superior quality basic material and components, these products are highly demanded in the market.


  • High durability
  • Low maintenance
  • Sturdy construction
  • Compact design


  • Continues duty and variable speed single double or 3 tier platform unit
  • For rotary swirling agitation used extensively in tissue culture work aeration of formations and other chemical mixing procedures
  • C motor driver the shaker mechanism through mechanical transmission utilizing a variable fully system with v belt drive
  • Speed is variable through the speed range, however at a given setting, speed is stable
  • Speed can be adjustable from 10 to 250 RPM with digital speed

Technical Specifications:

Part NO. Plate Form Size No. Of Tier (Platform) Carrier
11910-A 22”X22” Single 16 nos X 500 ml flask
11910-B 22”X22” Double 32 nos X 500 ml flask
11910-C 22”X22” Three 48 nos X 500 ml flask
11910-D 36”X36” Single 16 nos X 500 ml flask

9 nos X 1000 ml

11910-E 36”X36” Double 32 nos X 500 ml

18 nos X 1000 ml

11910-F 60”X60” Single 20 nos X 1000 ml

12 nos X 2000 ml

11910-G 60”X60” Double 40 nos X 1000 ml

24 nos X 2000 ml

A Rotary Shaking Machine is commonly used for:

  1. Rotary Motion: Providing circular shaking motion for effective mixing.
  2. Sample Agitation: Facilitating thorough mixing of samples in various containers.
  3. Laboratory Experiments: Utilized in a wide range of scientific experiments and procedures.
  4. Quality Control: Ensuring consistent mixing conditions for testing and analysis.
  5. Cell Culture: Supporting gentle agitation in cell culture applications.
  6. Biochemical Assays: Used in various biochemical assays and research.
  7. Tissue Culture: Assisting in the cultivation of tissues for research.
  8. Versatile Mixing Platform: Compatible with various sample containers and applications.
  9. Efficient Mixing: Providing a reliable solution for laboratory mixing needs.
  10. Compact Design: Suitable for benchtop use, optimizing laboratory space.
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