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11920-Refractory Furnace


11920-Refractory Furnace

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  • Heavy duty large size furnace is designed to meet large production facility in the filed of ceramic firing heat treatment, materials testing etc
  • Sturdy angle frame construction having M.S heavy gauge exterior wall finish in epoxy powder coated shade
  • Long lasting ‘kanthal’ A-I heating element provided in refractory lining all 4 sides for excellent uniformity
  • The temperature is being controlled by microprocessor based auto turning temp controller having dual indication of set and process temperature
  • A built in venting system on top
  • A special solid state over temperature safety fuse protects the elements in case of over
  • A special ceramic fiber insulation make the heat loss very low

A Refractory Furnace is commonly used for:

  1. High-Temperature Processing: Utilized for heating materials to extremely high temperatures.
  2. Material Testing: Studying the behavior of materials under extreme heat conditions.
  3. Heat Treatment: Performing heat treatment processes for metals and alloys.
  4. Ceramic and Glass Processing: Firing and shaping ceramic and glass materials.
  5. Sintering: Used in the sintering process to bond particles at high temperatures.
  6. Metallurgical Processes: Applied in various metallurgical and foundry applications.
  7. Laboratory Experiments: Utilized in scientific research for controlled high-temperature studies.
  8. Quality Control: Ensuring consistent conditions for testing and analysis.
  9. Industrial Manufacturing: Employed in industries for various manufacturing processes.
  10. Heat-Resistant Materials: Testing and processing materials that require resistance to high temperatures.
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