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11940-Muffle Furnace


11940-Muffle Furnace

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  • Muffle Furnace 1400 Degree C
  • Specially designed to suit the requirement of various field like education, metallurgical magnets and material testing laboratory
  • Housing made of heavy gauge M.S duly finished in epoxy powder coated shade
  • High grade silica boards and layers of ceramic insulation provided to minimize the heat loss
  • Silicon carbide heating elements provided in refractory type heating chamber for superb temperature I uniformity
  • The temperature is being controlled by microprocessor based auto tuning temperature controller having digital indicator
  • The control panel consist main temp. controller (SCR power controller) MCB, HRC fuse etc. and mounded at one side of the unit
  • Optional programmable controller with thyristor for soft start

Technical Specifications:

Part No. Size chamber (LXWXD) Heaters watts Max.Temp. Working temp. Volts
11940-A 6”LX6”WX12”D 4.0 K.W. 1400 C 1350 C 230 Volts
11940-B 9”LX9”WX18”D 6.0 K.W. 1400 C 1350 C 440 Volts
11940-C 12”LX12”WX18”D 17.0K.W. 1400 C 1350 C 440 Volts

A Muffle Furnace is commonly used for:

  1. High-Temperature Heat Treatment: Conducting heat treatment processes at elevated temperatures.
  2. Ashing: Burning off organic materials to leave behind ash.
  3. Sintering: Bonding particles in ceramics through controlled heating.
  4. Material Testing: Studying the behavior of materials under extreme heat conditions.
  5. Laboratory Experiments: Utilized in scientific research for controlled high-temperature studies.
  6. Quality Control: Ensuring consistent conditions for testing and analysis.
  7. Metallurgical Processes: Applied in metallurgy for various heat treatment applications.
  8. Industrial Manufacturing: Employed in industries for specific high-temperature processes.
  9. Annealing: Controlling the cooling of materials after heating.
  10. Ceramic and Glass Processing: Firing and shaping ceramic and glass materials at high temperatures.
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