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11980-Rice Polisher


11980-Rice Polisher

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Product Details:

Material Mild Steel
Automation Grade Automatic

Rice Polisher


ü  Used for brown rice to convert white rice

ü  Sample Capacity: 200gm

ü  Power: 0.5 H.P. Single Phase


ü  Maintenance Free

ü  Low Power Consumption

ü  Simple & Trouble free Mechanism

A Rice Polisher is commonly used for:

  1. Rice Milling: Polishing and finishing rice grains to improve appearance and quality.
  2. Removal of Bran: Removing outer bran layers to enhance rice aesthetics.
  3. Whitening: Contributing to the whitening process for rice grains.
  4. Quality Improvement: Enhancing the overall quality and market value of rice.
  5. Food Processing: Part of the rice milling process in food production.
  6. Rice Grading: Contributing to the grading of rice based on quality standards.
  7. Commercial Rice Production: Used in rice mills for large-scale production.
  8. Milling Efficiency: Improving the efficiency of rice milling operations.
  9. Polished Rice Output: Generating polished rice with a smoother texture.
  10. Agricultural Industry: Applied in the agricultural sector for rice processing.
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