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12000-Rice Miller – Gill Type


12000-Rice Miller – Gill Type

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It is used for testing rice samples for milling quality grading colour and style at lowcost. Electrically operated to work on 220 volts ac provided with a timer. Power : ¼ hpsingle phase size : 380x230x290 mm approx (l x b x h).

A Gill Type Rice Miller is commonly used for:

  1. Rice Milling: Processing and refining rice grains for consumption.
  2. Husking and Milling: Removing husk and polishing rice for quality improvement.
  3. Dehulling: Separating the husk or hull from the rice kernel.
  4. Grain Processing: Contributing to the processing of rice for consumption.
  5. Food Production: Essential equipment in the production of rice for the food industry.
  6. Commercial Rice Production: Utilized in rice mills for large-scale processing.
  7. Agricultural Industry: Applied in the agricultural sector for rice processing.
  8. Quality Improvement: Enhancing the overall quality of rice through milling.
  9. Efficient Rice Polishing: Polishing rice grains to improve appearance and quality.
  10. Rice Whitening: Contributing to the whitening process for rice grains.


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