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12150-Portable Tablet Hardness Tester (Digital)


12150-Portable Tablet Hardness Tester (Digital)

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Portable Tablet Hardness Tester


Ø  Hardness measurement by load cell up to 500 Newtons / 50 kgf

Ø  Units of measurement in N, kgf and lbf

Ø  PC connectivity / Printer Connectivity through RS232 port

Ø  Programmable upper (T1) and lower (T2) tolerance limits

Ø  Peak Hold and Auto Release Function

Ø  Green and Red Light Indication for better understanding

Ø  Memory of upto 10 testing data

Ø  Automated semi-calibration (zero-point adjustment)

Ø  Display of 10 test value and calculate the average of the memorized value.

Ø  LCD Display with back light

Ø  Interchangeable Display Direction for better view

Ø  Automatic Power Off Function

Ø  Acrylic glass safety cover with disposal container

Ø  Tester operates on rechargeable battery


Hardness range – 2N to 500N

Resolution – 0.001N to 0.1N (Depending on capacity)

Accuracy – ± 0.5%

Tablet Range – 2 ~ 28 mm

Display – LCD with Backlight

A portable tablet hardness tester (digital) is a device used for measuring the hardness or breaking point of tablets. In short, its primary use is for:

Tablet Hardness Testing:

  • Quickly and digitally assessing the hardness or resistance of tablets, ensuring quality control in pharmaceutical manufacturing and research.
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