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12160-Dynamic Pass Box


12160-Dynamic Pass Box

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Dynamic Pass Box designed to allow material transfer through controlled environment withoutmuch personnel movement to minimize man /material movement & avoid cross contaminationbetween different classified areas. It aids to achieve desired classification & controls ingress ofparticulate contaminants into clean room & between different classified areas.Material of Construction:SS 304 and (Except Filters and motor-blower assemblies which will be in standard execution)Standard details: SS double walled doors with flush glass view panels with SS handles, SS hinges etc. Electro-Magnetic Interlocking arrangement to ensure that only one side door can beopened at a time. SS Indicators and Emergency switches on either side for door open condition SS Door Release SwitchMaterial Details:Minipleat HEPA Filter: These filters are water resistant, fire retardant, imported micro fineglass fiber media; EU – 14 Grade, having an efficiency rating better than 99.999% for 0.3 μ. Thesefilters are designed to accommodate higher airflow volume.Prefilter: These filters are Non-Woven Synthetic with HDPE mesh and Al expanded mesh onair leaving side; EU 5 Grade 5:, with efficiency of 95% down to 5 micron. These filters arewashable.Blower: Statically and dynamically balanced blower with be coupled with ISI marked motor forbetter performance and better life of filters, it will be fixed with help of suspension springs.Magnehelic Gauge: Differential Pressure Gauge (0 – 25 mm: 1 No.) SS ON/OFF Switches. DOP Test port at upstream of HEPA filter. SS 304Performance: Air cleanliness : ISO Class 5 (ISO 14644-1:1999 (E)) / Class 100 (U.S. FED STD 209 E) Air Velocities : 0.45 ± 0.05 mps Air Flow : Vertical Noise Level : Less than 65 dB Vibration Level : MinimumPerformance Tests (Optional): HEPA Filter Integrity Test Particle Count Test Air Velocity Measurement TestDocumentation (Optional): Design details Installation Operation & Maintenance Manual Construction & electrical wiring drawing

A dynamic pass box is a controlled environment device used for the transfer of materials between cleanrooms. In short, its primary use is for:

Material Transfer in Cleanrooms:

  • Facilitating the controlled movement of materials between cleanrooms, minimizing contamination risks in sensitive environments such as laboratories and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities.
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