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12290-Rectangular Horizontal Sterilizer


12290-Rectangular Horizontal Sterilizer

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Product Details:

Usage/Application Sterilization
Type Of Sterilizer Steam Sterilizer
Automation Grade Fully Automatic
Insulation Wall Double Wall
Chamber Volume 180
Warranty ONE YEAR
Temperature Range 121 DEG CELSUIS

All contact parts is made of S.S 316 with food grade joints silicon gasket load in trolley and with doorsafety locks. When door is in under pressure and jacket is provided for storage of steam and boiler iselectric operated with heaters and digital temperature controlled and display pressure. Switch isprovided for controlling of pressure and safety .Valve is provided for complete stainless steel. Thesterilizer is based on the principle that microbiological action of saturated steam at elevated temp israpid and thorough. All models work on downward displacement of air principle which is mosteconomical method of obtaining for all types of bulk sterilization which are commonly needed inMedical, Agricultural and Pharmaceutical institute Suitable for sterilizing hospital dressings, linen,rubber plastic goods, surgical instruments, glassware’s and utensils etc. Construction Robust andrugged all weld construction which is leak proof unlike riveted construction. Inner chamber & Outerchamber is made of stainless steel of 304/316 quality and jacket is made out of rolled steel. Sterilizerswill have single door made out of rolled steel lined with S.S. sheet on both sides. All the sterilizers arehydraulically tested to withstand 2.5 times the working pressure. The steam jacket is lined on the outerside with asbestos sheet or glass wool which prevents heat losses due to radiation and is covered bystrong rolled steel sheet duly painted.Boiler Made of thick stainless steel plate suitably located under the sterilizer. High grade flanged typeheating elements are fitted from front side for easy replacement/repair. Fitted with water gauge glass forwater level, safety valve, water inlet and drain valves. It is also provided with Low Water Level cut offdevice. This device protects the heater in the generator from burning out dry. The steam pressure in theboiler is indicated on an individual pressureGauge. Safety Lock for Door Every horizontal rectangular sterilizer is fitted with SELF LOCKING SAFETY DOORwhich cannot be opened when the chamber is under pressure.The Chamber Two separate valves provided for evacuating air and steam from inner chamber and jacket as andwhen desired. A steam trap is fitted in the chamber discharge line to eliminate the condensate automatically. SwitchBox Houses the Pressure control switch, Main switch, Pilot lamps, relays etc. and mounted on the stand of thesterilizer for easy operation.

A Rectangular Horizontal Sterilizer is a device used for sterilizing various materials in a horizontal orientation. In short, its primary use is for:

Horizontal Sterilization:

  • Sterilizing equipment, media, and other materials in a horizontal configuration, widely employed in laboratories, medical facilities, and research environments to ensure the elimination of microorganisms.
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