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12340-Plasma Freezers


12340-Plasma Freezers

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  • Specially designed for blood component storage
  • High impact epoxy coating S.S interior and G.I exterior finished in powder coating shade in regular Model
  • Preset – 30c temperature or – 70c temperature with audible alarm switch and visual alarmindicator
  • Highly density white wool and PUF insulation protects the cabinet from ambient temperature
  • Hermetically sealed compressor fan cooled condenser in all models and cascade cooling system for – 70c model & CFC free cooling system
  • Complete S.S having 316L S.S chamber and exterior also 316 S.S matt finish
  • Stainless steel drawers or rack for plasma bags/ boxes and red cell canisters, for better access to inventory
  • Optional temperature chart recorder or PID controller with printer output
  • Selection of chest type model or upright mode

Plasma freezers are specialized freezers designed for storing blood plasma at low temperatures. In short, their primary use is for:

Plasma Storage:

  • Preserving blood plasma at ultra-low temperatures to maintain its integrity for medical treatments, transfusions, and diagnostic testing in healthcare settings.
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