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12350-Automatic Pipette Washer


12350-Automatic Pipette Washer

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  • This unit has a large capacity of washing pipettes very useful for serological, bacteriological or clinical laboratories
  • Designed based on a siphoned principle
  • Complete unit made of stainless steel
  • Washing cylinder of size: 221/2” ht X6” dia removable pipette holder of 5 ½” dia
  • The holder can accommodate pipettes up to 375 mm in length
  • Selection of cool wash & heat wash

An Automatic Pipette Washer is a device used for automated cleaning of pipettes in laboratories. In short, its primary use is for:

Pipette Cleaning:

  • Automating the cleaning process of pipettes, ensuring efficient and thorough cleaning for reuse in laboratory experiments and analyses.
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